20 Essential Skills for Digital Marketing Professional

20 Essential Skills for Digital Marketing Professional

April 7, 2020 | 6 min read

20 Essential Skills for Digital Marketing Professional

Do you have a plan to become a successful digital marketing expert? These 20 essential skills can help you to achieve your career goal at the highest perfection level. The digital marketing industry is made up of people doing any kind of work online, whether it's through social media or email marketing. In many cases, several areas overlap. When I started my career in the industry, I studied to be an SEO expert, so I had to deal with technical issues, cost per click (PPC) services, link building and content creation. 

Today I specialize in one area. Many SEO professionals I know also work in a narrow industry. I think I am lucky with so much knowledge, expertise and experience. I think it gave me a better idea of how it all happened together. You also learned how important it is to do more research on things you are not currently doing. It can only help you and possibly improve your career.

Soft Skills

Digital marketing expert needs some basic soft skills so that they can do a great job in every niche. Here are 10 personal skills that I find most important for digital marketers.

1. Curiosity

I like it when we have an employee who wants to know more. Digital marketing has many facets, many small niche areas, and the desire to learn more about their compatibility really makes you better at any game.

2. Tenacity

If you easily give, digital marketing may not be the right field for you. You can clear the site and the update will crash you. You can come up with ideas that are rejected. You can call to find out why the site is not working well. Something new happens every day and it makes it so much fun.

3. Willingness to Listen & Learn

I made mistakes many times, it's crazy. Employees know that they discuss their ideas with me if they think I'm wrong, and I've really learned to trust them to say what they say. I've told customers I don't think it will work, but I tried it and was very surprised. Thinking that you know everything means that you have no chance of getting better.

4. Adaptability

In my team, the task may change every month depending on our client list. They can work with a financial client for a month, then they have to work on travel client. They may need to report to a client and help another person they have not worked with before. When I started, I joined technical SEO, content writing and PPC at the same time. There is always a chance that you will have to do something else or until you are ready.

5. Multitasking options

There is always a one-sided thing in digital marketing. You want to read the latest articles, see the latest related tweets, do your job, know how to do something else that saves time, news and more. If you can't perform multitasking well, it will be abandoned quickly.

6. Compassion.

 The ability to see things from another person's perspective is essential to any type of marketing. It is important to understand why a person thinks in a certain way. Empathy is so important that I have written a whole article about it.

7. Getting Along with Others

I have worked with many difficult people who had a hard time coming up with someone else. Here's the hard truth: no one wants to work with someone who can't be around. In the world of digital marketing, there is someone who can replace you in your role. It's all a short workout. If you live in Cuba, you can dig it. But if you meet a client or collaborate a lot with other teams, listening to people can be difficult if you have a hard time communicating with yourself.

8. Strong Work Ethic

Obviously this is what you need for most businesses. But if you do something like link building, you won't do a good job unless you want to work hard. Sometimes it is frustrating and tedious work. If marketing fails, it can be extremely difficult to get started. In one form or another, you will face many obstacles, so it is important to keep trying and not give up.

9. Honesty

One thing that worries me is that if a person cannot accept something, it is wrong. You will always search. We had two employees around the clock, thinking, for example, that they would not be caught. We had checks from another country and pretended I hadn't seen them in the office. People say completely crazy things. With so many people in your place, numbness is absurd.

10. Ability to say "don't know"

I don't know why it's so hard, but it seems. I once worked with someone who told me I never believed in anything. That's funny!!! You do not learn until you accept that you do not know everything. If I don't know anything, I want to dive into it and find out. I don't find it embarrassing that I don't know everything. I never think of anyone who assumes they know nothing. With so much information being thrown at us all the time, it's impossible to keep up.

Hard skills

Hard skills are those that can be taught.

Here are 10 skills that digital marketers have better access to - and can help you gain knowledge across the industry.

11. How to search well?

People are constantly asking questions that they can easily use on Google. Which can be time consuming. You need to be able to search for information and optimize your search queries to avoid finding too much irrelevant information. We have employees who are starting to work for a new customer, and they will send me an e-mail, for example, to clarify the purpose of using a particular product. Then I'll spend some time searching on Google, and then send back the email. I want to do research instead of someone else doing it for me.

12. Skills level in Microsoft Excel Software

At the very least, you should be able to perform basic tasks in Excel, but depending on the job, it would be wise to know how to manage large data sets efficiently. From keyword data to inbound links, it's hard to get the information you need without additional features.

13. Conducting Research & Gathering Data

At some point, you will need to obtain data from a variety of sources. You may need to check the site. There are many tools and many sources of information. It is important that you know what you need to see and how to get it. If you create content, you should also be able to find and verify information.

14. Using Google Analytics

You can get so much information from Google Analytics that it would be crazy not to try to learn it. If Google provides you with information about your site, you must use it. From visit tracking to conversion tracking, it's an essential tool and it's free.

15. Using at Least One Major SEO Tool

Outside of Google Analytics, it's good to know how to use at least one digital marketing tool that can give you another set of data. I use less because everyone has their strengths. It's amazing how much information you can get from these devices and their reviews.

16. Analyzing the Effectiveness of Your Efforts

Some people measure their progress by increasing traffic. Some kind of transfer is desirable. Whatever your KPIs, you need to know how to track them securely.

17. Communication

Whether you communicate better by writing or speaking, good communication skills are important. The employee works remotely and none of my clients are with me, so I spend a lot of time emailing with everyone. Good communication skills develop naturally for some people. If you are not one of them, then this is definitely something you can work to improve.

18. Know what's going on and what's wrong

If your traffic is suddenly declining or your bounce rate is rising sharply, it's important to know how to start tracking the possible causes. Not everything is a concern. There may be logical explanations for what you see. You just need to know where to look and how to get enough information to make it easy to understand what's going on and then start fixing it.

19. Using a Crawler

There are many great crawler tools available. Meet at least one of them. Even if you're not very technical in your business, just being able to get redirect information or duplicate content can be very helpful.

20. Coding or Understanding Code

While more advanced programming skills are certainly helpful, I believe that all SEO professionals should have at least a basic knowledge of HTML. Programming teaches logical thinking and problem solving skills. Even if you didn't have the ability to program, you would be better prepared to think about problems.