How I Write a Stupid Amount of New Content, Effortlessly

How I Write a Stupid Amount of New Content, Effortlessly

December 9, 2020 | 5 min read

How I Write a Stupid Amount of New Content, Effortlessly

I always get the line in my email: "How do you generate so much new content every week?" I post ten new blog posts a week and 2-3 on social networks every day. People think I do it easily. It's simple, but it didn't start that way. Here's what it takes to create a lot of new material, and it looks easy.

Writing is a Drug?

It is very easy to be consistent when you are addicted. My name is David and I'm addicted to writing. The addictive part is that it helps convey all these complex thoughts that run through my head and uses my problem solving as a suggestion to other people who will be struggling with the same problem. When you write for attitude, fans, interest or any of these qualities, in the end what you want is more. More is not enough. When you write to someone other than yourself, it changes meaning. After searching, the meaning of your life becomes dependent.

Writing supports me in difficult times

I lost my job last year. Without writing, there was no money to pay rent and buy food. I can’t rely on economics to feed me, but I can rely on writing because it’s a skill I deliberately practiced for six years in a row. If you spend enough time developing a set of skills, you can use those skills when it is difficult. There are many skills in writing, such as:

  1. Good image selection.
  2. Ability to organize ideas, people, other writers and stories.
  3. Create a headline.
  4. Text formatting.
  5. Ability to be polite when talking to readers.
  6. Communicate nicely and concisely with editors and news.
  7. Maintain your energy level.
  8. Manage your time until you find a place to write.
  9. Read a lot of books to fill the thought machine.
  10. Networking capabilities that allow you to meet and collaborate with other content creators.

Writing stupid content is only part of the skill. Often writers who write without learning other related skills are often not enough.

Strengthen your weakness

My article is incomplete. I don't understand grammar and miss mistakes all the time. Writing involves the constant acceptance of imperfections. The inserted job is better than a folder full of drafts shouting that it is correct. You will never be a perfect or complete writer - and from the experience your readers will like it.

The flexible writing process

What is rarely talked about is a flexible process. If you do not change the writing process, it becomes obsolete. I have changed my writing process in recent weeks. Here are some things I've changed:

  1. Start in the shower
  2. The voice changes.
  3. Write another day.
  4. Suggest people write me ideas.
  5. Write to the audience 
  6. Write because it is a habit / write for fun.
  7. Use stock image / use illustration.

Each review of my writing process yielded different results, which occupied me and sought new ways of writing.

The will power is not relied on

This may shock you: I never think so.  I write too much and for too long at the same time, the beginning is always difficult. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and it plays minds. If I rely on willpower and time, my dream of writing is dead. That's why writing is scheduled on my calendar. Writing time is prohibited in advance and is not intended for conversation. If I try to cancel my writing time, I may not be happy. I taught the people around me to know that Thursdays and Saturdays are forbidden. I will not answer phone calls or emails these days. At first I had to repeat it a lot, but now people understand it, and I didn't reach the day of writing without calling, without SMS, without e-mail.

My life has resumed

Purpose is so simple that it's hard to forget. It may seem original and because it is. Achievements in any field are simple. If you really want something, you have to implement it.

Thick skin is a must

The book attracts a lot of criticism. If you share your thoughts or have an opinion, people will comment on you and sometimes face you. The key is not to take you too seriously. I do my best and I don't have all the answers. I was not born with thick skin, so a lot of time, which means it takes some time from reading the reviews. If you allow comments to negatively affect yourself, you will stop writing silly amounts of content. You will start to doubt yourself or think that you are not too good. It immediately comes to mind for your friends, family, parents or, worse, your boss. Whatever you write, it will be fine. Whatever you write, it will be terrible.

1/10 usefulness ratio

Most of what I write doesn't get anywhere and doesn't fall. This applies to most writers, unless you're Hemingway, and I'm certainly not. About 1/10 of my article seems to find an audience. The other nine don't go anywhere - hardly anyone feels or comments. The more you write, you are to write something that people find useful. If you write for a long time, you may also have a viral infection that becomes immortal and helps people in the years to come. - hopefully it will happen, however it's a bad idea. Quality is personal and there is no one formula for writing and helping an audience.

What does all this mean for you?

The journey of writing is different for each person. When I first started writing, I believed it wasn't going anywhere. I thought my thoughts were stupid or had no value other than rude advice from people I was tired of hearing. The truth is that what you write has value because it is your experience and it is the way you see the world. It takes a long time to show and know what you want to write. Start writing or advising stories to a close friend who doesn't know who you're talking to. If you don't already have an audience, it helps your written audience.

No one can predict how far you will go as a writer, but I can say that creating a lot of content every week definitely helps to improve your career.Go there and write down what you want to do. You're pretty good and you don't need press permission to write and post. The good news is that you are the biggest obstacle to writing silly amounts of content. So walk away from your path and write and see where you are taken.