How important is psychological quality?

How important is psychological quality?

June 9, 2016 | 7 min read

Psychological quality actually has a complementary relationship with IQ, but I hate the theory of IQ heroism. After all, these concepts are made up. Nothing can be considered a hero based on IQ. High IQ means excellent logic. No matter how good the logic is, it also requires a good cognitive growth soil. Otherwise there is no logically organized material.

There are two factors for the success or failure of doing things. No matter what you do, it is either "the ignorant is meaningless" or "the knowledgeable is of high psychological quality." If you want to do things perfectly, it must be an excellent plan and an excellent one. carried out. The plan here is directly proportional to IQ, and execution is related to mental quality. The harder things are, the more psychological qualities are needed.

What about perseverance? Perseverance is also very important. This is a commonplace question. We have heard too many sentences: Choice is more important than effort. In fact, you can't really understand it this way. Everything is analyzed specifically around specific situations. As for why choice is more important than effort, it is actually to highlight the importance of choice to the audience. Da Liu does not have a deep understanding, so the language organization usually chooses to highlight the key points and express the meaning in a concise way. Choice and hard work are factors that are tied together. Sometimes you can’t win the right to choose if you don’t have much hard work. It’s not a question of whether you choose or not, but you have no choice. What the mobs like most is to use some famous sayings. Is it a random call or knowingly use it? A few knowingly use profit-driven, and most follow the trend.

Take the meaning out of context and use a partial generalization. Polysemous words are an important means to confuse concepts and confuse the audiovisual, whether in the MLM industry or in every corner of the humanistic society. The environment is so polluted, which is why the current society is so impetuous. Obviously the quality of life is better and the technology is more advanced, but at the same time there are more "poisonous pacifiers." Most people see things without clear analytical skills. Rather, you use your own thinking to define the understanding of things (this sentence is nonsense, because everyone understands the problem in this way, but the important thing is that everyone's thinking personality is different). The ability to distinguish right from wrong and to look at the problem correctly is vital to a person. This is an important bridge to interact with this world. Without this ability, it is equivalent to interacting with the world in the mist, believing in the impetuous form in an impetuous society, and what the final personality will become can be imagined. One's thinking comes from logic and cognition, and logic and cognition are concepts tied together. All this comes from the growth environment and education environment. It is better to have a "causal chain" analysis method when looking at things instead of looking directly at the appearance.

The causal chain is as small as every minute and as large as a century, such as we infer the future from history. In criminology, the growth environment can be inferred from personality.

Everyone has blind areas of thinking, even scientists are divided into categories. There is a specialization in the surgery industry because no one can do everything. People can make achievements in the field they are good at. The field they are good at is the area of active thinking. The general area of understanding is the area of thinking defects, and the area of ununderstanding is the blind area of thinking, which is the blank area of cognition. The problem is that most people have poisonous pacifiers, they don't have a field of expertise, just mediocre ordinary people.

In an impetuous collective, truth always appears so "stupid", and stupidity always appears so clever. After all, there is a "herd effect" at work. If someone can stand taller and see farther, he will inevitably become the one who is not gregarious. Most people like gregariousness.

For people who are not at the top of the pyramid or in the upper reaches of the pyramid, life is a jailbreak. In order to achieve their own excellent life, they need to achieve results that exceed those of the masses in their environment, which inevitably requires outstanding psychological quality. There is no absolute right, only a high probability. 80% objective plus 20% subjective.

We always hear positive words such as perseverance, willpower, and tenacity to describe the topic of positive energy. But psychological quality is rarely mentioned. The term psychological quality is now often mentioned in the army. Think about war. If your compatriots are wiped out and play dead in a pile of corpses, can you be calm?

For example, in the latest movie "Escape from Pretoria", many suffocation operations, if you change yourself to yourself, can you be calm and calm? People like to believe in things in their own experience, vision, and cognition, but don't want to believe in things outside of them. So many things that are very unlikely are regarded as unbelief, but that is actually because my vision is too small. Few people can efficiently control time behavior, learn skills quickly and use them on the spot.

Many great gods in the programming world seem to like this kind of film and television works. In fact, there are many great gods in other fields who like to watch this kind of work. In the noisy reality, it is rare to see this kind of tears of joy from giving strong perseverance to gaining freedom. case. Because my work and life require a lot of perseverance and perseverance to reap a good self. So these movies just bring me a lot of identity and encouragement. Watching a person can be from the movies you watch, the books you read, and your attitude towards things. These can see the potential of this person.

Many people have had this experience. For example, when they were fifteen years old, they called their friends as brothers, and grouped in groups, like a youth boy who had never been in society and had no knowledge. In many cases, they did not have enough thinking ability. Will be biased, and follow good children will become more and more active. Time has changed, and it is difficult to have a common topic when chatting with a 20-year-old at the age of 30. I feel that the other party is naive, and I have had such naive times.

But some people are able to realize the face of society and their goals earlier than their peers, and expand and expand more cognition earlier. These are indispensable for good summarizing ability and environmental nutrition. Even better, there is a good guide. In fact, even if there is no guide, as long as you have a good IQ and some positive events that can be seen in the environment, you can get good growth, but the biggest enemy at this time is the "herd effect."

Good mental quality is very important. Without these, it will be contaminated by silt. Sometimes the saddest thing in the world is not "you can't do it!" but "you could!"

"It's a common occurrence in the world for things like disasters to continue. Will someone come to rescue you if you make an excuse?"

People who like to read chicken soup do not necessarily have perseverance. People who say how powerful they are may not be more powerful. After all, it is easier to say than to do, and to say that you will be intoxicated. For example, why do some people who claim to be programming masters just talk about it?

In fact, this phenomenon is not limited to programming, it is the same in any field.

Many people's so-called "likes" are superficial and superficial. People often only want to see when things are best, such as exercised abdominal muscles, magical skills (cooking, programming,...), etc. .

But in order to reach this level, when it really came time to go through a lot of hard work, many people flinched and gave up within a few days of persistence.

People often only see the brilliance of the achievements, but not the hardships behind them.

Therefore, such "likes" are superficial and superficial.

The study of human nature is a very important philosophical undertaking. Without perfect human nature, anyone's personality is full of flaws. Because of this, the personality of many outstanding people can be presented with flaws, allowing us to see such important personalities. Features: nothing more than perseverance + mental quality. Include two questions: dare to think? Dare to execute?

The important factors of a person's transformation must be perseverance and psychological quality.

The reality is an invisible "prison", and you have to climb over this high wall to become good.