How to build your own PBN [Private Blog Network] for under $300 (10-15 domains)

How to build your own PBN [Private Blog Network] for under $300 (10-15 domains)

December 6, 2020 | 7 min read

Why you should build your own PBN [Private Blog Network]

You heard that PBN links are all the rage these days, but tired of paying $97 here and $147 there for PBN links and after all is done you are left with a small increase in ranking that you know will pass once your links will inevitable roll off the main page? Or perhaps you are forced into a monthly subscription that makes you shell out a couple of hundred $ each month, cutting into your profit, making you continuously wonder whether it still makes sense to pay for the links, but fear that your website will drop like a rock if you stop? Not to mention the constant terror that maybe the network gets penalized and you are a collateral victim of their penalty.

Having your own private blog network would be great, but when you see people charging $1,000+ for just a 5 domain PBN, you think you need a small fortune to make a significant dent in your rankings.

This is my tutorial exclusively for BHW ? completely free, not selling anything and no affiliate links ? based on my own experience (recent by the way, not techniques that worked years ago) on how to build your own private blog network for less than $275.

At the end of this post you will have a moderately effective, 15 websites PBN and it will cost you less than $275 to put it all together (for the whole first year, no monthly costs). Sounds great? Let?s get started.

Costs Breakdown

-$107.4 for 1 year webhosting with 15 Dedicated IPs (one dedicated ip for each website) and 3 free domains.
Choose the Unlimited Pro plan from IXwebhosting and pay one year in advance to get the discounted price and the 3 free domains:

-120$ for 12 domains (there are 3 free because of the hosting) with WhoisGuard privacy coming free if you buy them from Namecheap. Go to to get a small coupon when registering the domains, gets you about 1$ off each domain, and only take 10 seconds.

-45$ – 15 unique articles to get you started (1 for each website, although you can and should add more content in time as you add more links). 3$ per 500 article is more than enough for real content for your PBN and you can find plenty of writers on DP in their content writing section, or here at BHW in the services thread.

Total :272$ for one year hosting, 15 domains, and content for your own PBN

Getting Valuable Expired Domains for Free

Since you don?t have the budget for high quality domains, you will be picking free expired domains at registration fee. They will be mostly PR 1 and PR2, ocassionaly a PR 3, but more important, they will be effective, if you follow my metrics and guidelines. You also won?t be spending a lot of time or any money on tools and private membership to find them. There are other methods to find higher quality expired domains for free than the one I expose, but they take a lot more time, and this guide is geared towards the most effective way to a valuable PBN, with the minimum amount of time and money involved.

Step 1. Make a free account at publishes EVERY DAY about 100,000 domains that not only have expired, but they have the Deleted status. Deleted status means they passed both the redemption period and the auction period (where you have to outbid other people in auctions like Godaddy Auctions, NameJet, NamePros etc..) and can be picked for just registration free instantly. No need to end for any auctions to finish. Once you find them, go to your favorite registrar and pick them up for just their registration fee.

You need a free account so that you are able to use their high quality filters and save you a lot of time.

Step 2. Set Up your Filters and sort the domains.

I recommend you to look only at , and Deleted.

Then setup the following filters, by pressing the Show Filter button

a) From the Common Filter you need to check:

– Only New 24 Hours (waste of time to check longer range, since other SEOs had picked up the best from past domains. Past 24 hours give you the best chance to find a juicy domain, before anyone else picks them up)
– No Fake PR (self explanatory, to avoid bad domains)
– No Unsure PR (self explanatory, to avoid bad domains)
– No PageRank -1 (self explanatory, to avoid bad domains)

b) From the Additional Filter you need to check as below

– Only Available Domains

c) From the Adwords & SEO Filters you need to check as below

– 10 Min Moz Domain Authority
– 10 Min Moz Page Authority

d) After you set up the filters and filter through the domains, you need to sort them according to PR by pressing the PR tab

You will find perhaps 30-50 domains each day that have at least PR 1, and fulfill all our Filters, across all tld, com, net org.

But our work is not yet done, we need to filter them even further.

Step 3. Further Verification of the Domains to ensure they are spam-free and high quality

After you select a batch of domains from Expired Domains, you need to start further verification to ensure they have a spam free link profile and their metrics are good.

a) Check if they are indexed in google by doing a site: search. If they are not, drop them off your list. Not being indexed in google after being just recently expired (since you used the last 24 hours settings in your filter) is a huge red flag, either the domain is penalized or its backlinks are not potent enough to index it. Sometimes you can get domains that are not indexed and reindexed them yourself with links and etc? but it?s better to be safe than sorry. I did the mistake of buying some domains that were not indexed, and I was never able to reindex them as well, despite all my backlinking efforts ? which should not happen in a PBN, you do not need to waste time backlinking your PBN if you choose great domains to begin with.

b) Manually check their DA and PA metrics through (make a free account, otherwise you will be limited after several searches) and note them down in an excel file.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to check both www version of the domain as well as the non-www version of the domain since these tools give different results. It?s very important for you to build your site on the better version (if the previous website was linked to as being you need to make your own PBN with www in front), since it has better metrics.

See for instance how the OSE gives different PA metrics for an expired domain, depending on whether you use www or non-www version:

c) Manually check their TF (trust flow) and CF (citation flow) through (make a free account, otherwise you will be limited after several searches) and note them down in an excel

VERY IMPORTANT: Similar as before, check both www and non-www version of the domain as they will be giving different metrics.

d) Ensure that their backlinks are spam free

You can take a look at the backlink profile either in Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer, and ensure that they do not have porn, pharma or spam links pointing to them. Usually such low quality links will give excellent metrics, but they are bad in reality and google can figure that out.
This is probably the most important step, if the backlinks are not cleaned, do not bother registering the domain, no matter what the other metrics are looking like. You can take a quick look at the anchor text distribution in Majestic to figure this out.

Step 4: Deciding to buy the domain.

My personal formula for buying an expired domain is the following

If (PR x 10 + DA + PA + TF + CF) > 80

-and the domain is indexed in google
-and the backlinks are high quality and spam free

(so for instance, a domain with PR 2 , DA 12, PA 20, TF 15 and CF 15, will have 2 x 10 + 12 +20 +15 +15 = 82, worth registering )

Then it?s well worth the 10$ registration fee and the time involved in finding him. Depending on the backlinks profile, I go sometimes even if it?s just over 70.

Ever since I follow these process, I am able to find reasonable quality domains that are easily indexed by google and rank my blog posts and link to my authority sites, without needing to build any links for them. Just their past history and the fact that they are indexed by google at the time of my purchase makes them worth while.

After that, Buy them from Namecheap for 10$, enable the free whois guard that comes with it, host them at IXWebhosting each on its own ip and add quality content, and you are good to go. There is a lot to describe about setting them up, but this thread took longer than expected, so maybe I will make it as Part 2 if there is enough interest.