You Can Make a Lot of Money with a Substack Newsletter

You Can Make a Lot of Money with a Substack Newsletter

February 19, 2020 | 8 min read

You Can Make a Lot of Money with a Substack Newsletter

Subtacks are a very easy way to make money for any writer who has all the skills.  From 6-12 months ago I discovered and left Substack. Why? Commitment is not intuitive.  When I broke up with Substack and lamed him as a villain for a millennium, he began listening to the stories of writers who liked Subtack. I decided to give Substack a second chance and do an interview and find some best writers. 

Substack offer equals Opportunities 

What makes Subtack so different is that you don't have to worship Tech veterans and their bases. Substack allows you to set your own rules. Writers love this freedom. In Substack, they allow you to send directly to readers to get a regular newspaper. Newspapers are a great way to tell readers that you will receive an email. This email you send to your readers can be anything you want. You control it and you own the email list.

Why is the follower silly? Because you don't have followers and they can follow anyone. A follower is a person without an email address. If you don't have someone's email address, you can't just talk to him or build an audience for your writing. The important difference is that your content does not appear based on the social media algorithm. For example, on LinkedIn, they decide how many people see your content. Technology giants can do whatever they want, from a health crisis to a political debate. Platforms such as Substack allows you to enjoy freedom of speech without controlling psychopathic prejudice algorithms.

There’s a massive hidden catch to substack

Substack is about attracting an audience. There is a page that stores some of the main prints and authors, but for the most part you are alone. This means you just can't trust it until you have an email list. The good news is that you don't need a lot of email subscribers to perform Substack well. If you charge $ 5 a month and have 1,000 paid subscribers, you will earn $ 60,000 a year from Substack. It is a very decent life where only a few people live. Don't underestimate the power of a small crowd. All of this means that publishing free content requires a second channel and a call to action that allows readers to sign up for your commitment. This is by no means a super deal. This is not easy if you are new to blogging. To persuade people to search for your business and read until the end of the job until they challenge your call to action. If you choose, you can do it.

Paid content vs free

One thing I know about Substack is that not all content is paid for. With Substack, you can release free content to build an audience. Most authors from my research find a mix of free and paid content. Simon Burden is one of the writers I met and learned a lot about the stage. He gave me the following advice:

Currently, my free newspaper is published once a week, as is the paid portion. I know people who do one free job for every four paid jobs. But I still grew up, and making my content free is a good way. This is the best proof that someone wants to register. So the answer to free payment depends on whether you want to grow your audience quickly or earn revenue as quickly as possible. I spent year blogging without dollars. I attributed these years of famine as a writer to any small part of my later success.

I've spoken to another writer who has done Substack all the time and writes FullTack full time. What makes it unique is that it makes the reader better than money.  This is their split between paid and free sub-link material: I pay about 6 a month, but most people earn more. And yes, only one per month is free. Yes, the readers should actively seek it.

They charge $ 8 a month for their Substack newsletter and have about 4,000 subscribers.  Aaccording to Simon Burden, expecting 10% of your aggregated email subscribers to sign up for paid content in Substack.

Do Substack Unsubscribers changes your life?

Then you earn a lot of money from the package. What about the people who leave you? I asked this question to the people I called. You can expect 3% -5% of people to cancel their membership every month. Once you have proven yourself, the number drops even more. This is a very good burning rate and means you don't have to frustrate each month to fill out a newsletter with new subscribers - or, on your knees and asking people to sign up for your newsletter and give birth to your first child will have to be asked to leave.

Niche is the key to success on Substack

Niklas Goke is another writer who has had some success with Substack. I had an interview with Nik and he gave me important advice. In the substack you have to choose a niche. Extensive newspapers are tiring. Simon Beard agrees with Nick. For me, it means choosing between a newspaper about personal finance, business, starting a business, writing, relationships, a job or a profession. Nik gives more detailed advice: "The reader must have a clear promise and a result."

A substack can be a secondary marketing channel

Nik used the Subtack differently. He sends his most popular blog posts from other platforms through his site, such as Substack. This is another way to promote his writing. Completing writing is half the battle.

Simplified layouts thrive on creativity

I like the simple layout that belongs to Substack. With a clean space and simple tools that coordinate your work, your ideas and creativity can reflect on the reader and have a powerful impact on their lives. Unlike other newsletter platforms, Subtack is very easy to use. You don't need these 100-page FAQs to make your vision a reality.

The format is simple because you can't spread quickly

According to the author I'm talking to, one difference with a newspaper is that you don't have to worry about viruses spreading. The newspaper has almost no chance of becoming a virus. This means that you cannot select an image or keep the layout very simple. I have read a lot of newspapers in the forum, and the main issue is useful for the newspaper, not loading it with graphics and images that distract the reader.

Make it easy for the reader

Add a weekly question and answer, says Michael Thompson. Launch your Substack newsletter and then receive a weekly zoom call to let readers ask you questions. It gives the reader something else that you can't get anywhere else. This strategy also sets you apart from all the hobby writers who can use the public road anywhere. A reader who asks you a question looking at you is a potential reader for life. It is the power of questions and answers.

Subtack vs. Email Provider just like convertkit

Newsletters (email) were about long before the sublease. I currently use ConvertKit to send weekly newspapers to my 44,000 email subscribers. One of the questions asked is "Why do I need to add a subpackage to an email list provider?" Simon gave me some suggestions that weren't found in subtack glossy manual.

The substack has the following shadow sides:

  • The substack is expensive. Mailchimp costs $ 9.99 a month, and Substack takes 10% of every dollar earned.
  • The substack does not attract anything. The Substack has no inbound or outbound APIs. Non-technically, this means that an e-mail subscriber can only be submitted by submitting it on their Substack page or by including a highly customizable form on their personal website.
  • The substack cannot be hosted on the domain of your site. This means that SEO goes for commitment, not for you and your dreams on the Internet.
  • There is no automation or sales funnel in the substack. This means that you cannot sell a digital product, such as an e-book, course or training.  In fact, you need to run an email provider like ConvertKit and Substack.

Subtack complicates your life

Since Substack does not have the ability to find and subscribe to book readers, you need two things.

  1. If you use Substack, you need two places to blog.
  2. If you use Subtack, you need two email marketing platforms.

Simon Burden gave me another valuable idea I hadn't even thought about it. Their biggest problem with Substack is that every time readers sign in to their site as a pop-up subscriber, they have to manually import it into Istack before sending them a newspaper.

Delivery of substructures is high

One problem with email and newspapers is the spam folder. According to ConvertKit, 15% of emails never reach the reader's email inbox and get stuck in a dark pit known as a spam folder. Simon measures the distribution using both subsequence and conversion. 

What happens if you want to leave substack?

You can pack your bags and export your email addresses to your audience. If you decide to leave, this is an easy way to get out of the free prison card. Like everything, there will always be something you remember behind you. Make sure that a lot of the data you collect through Substack is lost after you leave. It is therefore worth making a careful decision.

Will the worried substance die during the recession?

This is a real concern when choosing a stage as a writer. Will your technology company go bankrupt during a recession? The main investor in Substack is Andreessen Horowitz, who helped develop some of the largest technology companies on the planet: Box, Lyft, Facebook, Slack, Github, Instagram, Skype and more. So, if you have a strong investor behind them, who leads from the trends of difficult companies to excellence and success, there is a certain relief if you choose this option, and it will not go bankrupt.

Pomp shows the sky’s the limit to your writing goals

How far can you go on the package? Twitter fame Anthony Pampliano reveals what's possible with Substack. Pomp Letter has 35,000 customers and costs $ 10 per month. That means Pomp earns $ 4,200,000 from its Substack newsletter.

Last thoughts on the substack

Part of the reason I wrote this article is that I am considering creating a commitment newsletter. After searching, I'm not sure about Substack. It's like if I create a newspaper, I have to deal with my email clients twice and complicate my life with ConvertKit and Substack. The other decision to make as a writer is how do you want to make a profit from your business? I have always provided my material mostly for free.

I like the idea of earning a living as a writer behind the scenes of less obvious methods such as coaching, mentoring, e-books, courses, creators, etc..

Directly charging for content through a newspaper is not an idea I've sold yet - sorry. I grew up creating a highly automated email list that allows me to best help readers. I don't want to bother every email subscriber with things they don't care about.

The key to email lists is to create a fragmented audience. For me, this means that I can redirect written advice content to a large number of email clients, send content to another segment, and break into self-improvement in another segment again.

My verdict: Substack is good for small niche audiences, but it's not good if you want to write about many things. Substack also believes that you want to write a newspaper only for the rest of your life. I believe that this reality is limited.

You can reach your readers in any way you choose. Choose a platform that gives you control and allows you to plan for the future. Because writing can change your life and you don't want to leave the stage on which your audience is built.