Press Release Distribution

All press releases for distribution products have a flow of news agencies, a carefully thought-out set of proprietary distribution, and to ensure that they can target and engage their media and consumer audiences in the most effective way. We rely on news agency partners around the world, as well as dedicated media public relations resources, to ensure that you present your content responsibly to journalists and use their preferred distribution channels. We also provide unparalleled online coverage, fully managed delivery support through our customer service team and online reporting.

We perform internal communication from public relations, corporate communication, marketing communication and strategy and planning to implementation and review. 

Who are w and what do we do?

All press releases for distribution products have a flow of news agencies, a carefully thought-out set of proprietary distribution, and to ensure that they can target and engage their media and consumer audience in the most effective way. We rely on news agency partners around the world, as well as dedicated media public relations resources, to ensure that you present your content responsibly to journalists and use their preferred distribution channels. We also provide unparalleled online coverage, fully managed delivery support through our customer service team and online reporting.

Services: -

  1. Translate when needed
  2. News agency for telegraph distribution
  3. Exaltation news agency
  4. Delivery on request
  5. Online publication
  6. Social bookmarks button
  7. Public relations for journalists
  8. Reporting

Engage the media and gain influence

Media coverage can improve story and add credibility to a third party, and in addition to ranking journalists and bloggers as the most trusted PR journalists, 48% more media than other providers He has a proven ability to generate reception.

Generate earned media - we provide it to the newsrooms and newsrooms of major media organizations - and it is a direct pipeline that only internet service providers can offer.

Get attention with PR journalists - we connect the brand message with influential journalists - from our dynamic community of more than 36,000 members - who have specifically asked to see this news in your industry.

Reach the industry's largest distribution network - share your message with the media by industry, geographic region or topic - our strong network of thousands of multimedia points helps you reach the influencers that matter to your brand.

Engage your audience with online sharing

Sharing a press release outside of your property is essential to successful multi-channel advertising. Increase online visibility, traffic, search rankings, and authority by promoting your content on affected sites and networks online.

Increase visibility - Share your content on industry-leading online social networks, including big names like Yahoo! Finance, Newsweek, Reader's Digest, NewsNow, New York Magazine, CNBC and Business Magazine, which attract a large audience.

Increase search opportunities - Improve your brand by publishing them online with pageviews and a search ranking of up to 80% compared to our closest competitors. 

Get a note on your mobile phone - Make it easier to access mobile phones, e-readers and tablets with over 180 apps on your network.

Create demand with content distribution

Marketers can use our distribution network to generate potential purchases from their content by targeting key audiences across a variety of channels. 

Reach new audiences with online engagement - Expand your digital footprint beyond your own channels by clicking on our global distribution network. There are over 10,000 sites with big names that attract a large audience.

Industry scaling - we target and deliver your message to the most influential employees in more than 100 industries. Examples are Forbes and Yahoo! Finance, CNNMoney, MarketWatch,,,, more in the financial industry, WebMD, Reuters Health, and even more in the health industry, Wired, Tech Crunch, Enggetget, Computerworld, CNET News, InformationWeek, research and development in the field of magazine technology and much more.

Our PR campaigns highlight the proliferation of brands, products and services in the media for our customers. Help them reach millions of potential new customers.

Every day, we provide content to the UAE media that also announces key messages from our customers and often includes hyperlinks directly to customer sites.

Working closely with the national media on a daily basis since 2006 means that we have developed close relationships with journalists throughout the media environment, from which our clients can benefit.

Customers also believe that what the press says is a well-equipped website that provides long-term credibility and helps ensure conversion rates.

Our digital PR campaigns have the added benefit of Google-friendly rich media hyperlinks to the high SEO value of our clients' sites. A single link from a major news site can provide huge traffic and long-term natural search benefits.

We understand that each client faces unique challenges in engaging the public, so we first listen to and understand our client before assembling a PR solution.

Public relations is about how an audience relates to a brand or company. Just like PR happens all the time, and it’s not something a brand can face. Our campaigns use the power of the media to steer public sentiment in the right direction for our customers. Information consumption has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, and since its inception in 2006, we have seen tremendous change.

The ubiquity of smartphones and social media means that public sentiment can now spread on a large scale, which means that good and bad news can affect brands very quickly. It offers huge opportunities and huge challenges for brands, but PR is the most effective way for business owners to steer their business perception in the right direction.

Public relations is our main service, but today all communication needs to be integrated, including elements of social media and SEO, as well as media coverage and interest. Our team ensures that customer messages reach the affected and that all communications are relevant and effective.

Digital public relations

An online presence is now mandatory - whether used in the public, private or tertiary sectors, continuous space on the web has become a necessity for everything from marketing and advertising to recruitment and sales. But in the complex world of websites and social media, it's hard to navigate, especially when you're competing with major brands or when there's competition. But the web offers tremendous opportunities and allows you to level the playing field and allow competing organizations to find a larger audience in less time. We can help any organization better understand how to use the web and help build an online audience or customer base from the start. We have the experience to build your profile, enhance your reputation and enhance your reputation with a full suite of digital, video and social media tools and get results online.

Whether it's a targeted PR campaign or a lobbying campaign, or a long-term brand and reputation management mission, We know how to shape and present its message in the digital arena. We can help you create and manage digital channels, fill in the gaps in your online presence, and build connections that increase your reach.

Our digital services include:

Digital Campaigns: Design and implement strategic and effective online PR campaigns, ensuring your messages are defined and effective

Social Networking: Help grow your online social network and target the most relevant stakeholders

Broadcast: Create downloadable audio, video, ePub, or Pdf files for your audience to publish offline

Blogging: Blogging is a simplified way to communicate directly with the online community, and it's an essential way to spread the latest news, events, products, campaigns, and stories directly to your audience.

Digital audit

We offer a digital audit service to help you take advantage of new communication methods. We appreciate your online presence and reputation, and recommend improving both. We'll show you how to incorporate social media channels into everything you do, and explain how to interact and influence opinion. In short, we will make the digital world work for you.

Our digital audit will ...

  1. Evaluate your online presence to help understand the extent and scope of interactions and understanding of your organization or campaign
  2. Submit a business plan, explain how our team of digital experts will work with you to improve your current proposal, and highlight key impacts
  3. Implementing this plan, interacting with key stakeholders online, providing targeted content, real-time online chat and managing the digital society

Our digital services are available in person or as part of a joint political lobbying and media relations campaign

PR services – assignments and retainers 

  1. Media relations program, which includes press releases, media interviews, press conferences, media monitoring and analysis
  2. Participation and support in conferences, exhibitions and related events. Awards and recognition
  3. Content creation - research, speeches, press materials, articles, marketing communications and internal communication
  4. Media training with questions, answers and short notes
  5. Initial events and activation
  6. Risk register and crisis communication

How do we add value to a server client?

  1. In-depth understanding of their audience and current sites
  2. Develop key messages and communication plans that meet the business goal. It is a workshop that is organized in collaboration with the client to agree and achieve the key messages to be provided.
  3. Recommendations with an implementation calendar
  4. Determination of results and results
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  • Let us Tell the World About You
  • Your Digital Partners!
  • You’ve got a business, we have got brilliant minds
  • First-Class Digital Strategies
  • The ideas that make customers go wow

Professional Experience Summary

I'm an IT Professional with 14+ years of Experience in Web Applications Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Project Management, Coordination, Business Analysis.

  • How long has IMRAONLINE been building websites?

    IMRANONLINE was founded in 2006.

  • How does the payment process work? What is your payment terms?

    This totally depends on the project type, however, mostly the project starts with a 50% deposit. After the design approved by the client and before we move into programming, we take 25%. Once we have completed and fulfilled our scope, the final 25% is collected and your website is then scheduled for launch.

  • What kind of business do you work with?

    We have worked with almost all types of businesses in the UAE, the Middle East, and Internationally including Hotels, Corporate, Food & Delivery, Logistic, Cleaning, Interior, HR, Governments, Semi-Governments, Consultancy, Construction, Education and other industries.

  • How much Website Design cost in Dubai?

    The cost of the website can vary depending on the requirement just like the cost of the house may vary. If a company who has in-house web designers and developers based in Dubai office so your cost will be a bit high as per compare to working with a company who has a team outside of the UAE. We have our team based in the Dubai office who can always sit with our client to go through the project progress.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    Again, this varies based on your website project. A simple basic website can take up to 2 weeks, dynamic website with CMS takes 5 Weeks, E-Commerce Website takes 8 to 10 Weeks and Marketplace Websites takes 12 Weeks minimum.

  • How E-Commerce Website Works in UAE?

    If you are building an online store website then Dubai is the best region to sell your products online. You can build an E-Commerce website with any platform such as Wordpress, Shopify, etc however when it comes to Payment Gateway, You will need to register your company in UAE to have your local payment gateway provider. You must have a UAE trade license to run your online business.

  • I am a startup and I am starting a new online business, How can I make sure my idea is secure?

    Indeed, this is really important to secure your idea when you meet with a different supplier. Ideally, instead of sharing a complete idea, it's better to share part of the requirement and give them another website example to understand the scope of work. Don't forget to sign always NDA with the supplier before you share any information.

  • How to find the best Web Design Company in Dubai?

    This could be tricky for startups or someone who is building a website the first time. It's really important that you should meet with the company first to understand what's their experience if they have similar projects, try to get at least 3 client details they worked before so you can check to know if they were happy with the process. Most importantly, you need to find a company you can trust, someone who is honest and can always advise you step by step.