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Solution: How to open google sheets exported with gsheet file extension?

Question: I recently exported a number of my Google Sheets files from Google Drive.  They were saved on my hard drive with the file extension “.gsheet”.  Now I find I cannot open them even after importing them back into my Google Drive.  Excel will not open them either.  How do I recover these files?
Solution 1: You can try the following:
  • Create a folder in Drive that you can then be accessed via Backup and Sync on your computer.
  • Then via File Explorer on your computer, copy and paste those files into that folder. This way those files will remain as they are and not converted.
  • After the sync process is complete, go back to Drive and try and open those spreadsheets as you normally would.
And below  are the available options for exporting.

Solution 2: Instead of creating Sheeting and Files on Google Drive through Browser, create in Windows and upload through G Drive desktop. So no .GSheet files will be created and each time no hessel.